Town Membership

Benefits of Town Memberships:

COST is the only advocacy organization in Connecticut that focuses exclusively on the needs and interests of small towns like yours. We understand the unique challenges you face. And we recognize that what’s good for a large municipality or an urban center may not be right for a small suburb or a rural community. So, while we collaborate with other organizations when appropriate, we never compromise when it comes to your best interests. And we never lose sight of our sole mission: making sure that policymakers hear and heed the voice of Connecticut’s town leaders.

COST Advocacy & Success:

The power of COST is that it marshals the collective talent, experience and vision of municipal leaders; provides a unique forum for discussing challenges and solutions; and mobilizes members to action at the Capitol. COST is a classic advocacy organization: a community of communities.

Experienced, knowledgeable and skilled, COST’s advocacy team has earned the respect of state legislators. When COST speaks out on issues important to towns, policymakers listen. As a result, COST has been especially effective in winning passage of favorable legislation and defeating bills detrimental to small towns.

Join Today!

Connecticut municipalities with fewer than 35,000 residents are eligible to become members of COST. Recognizing the many benefits of membership, more than 85 percent of eligible municipalities have opted to join COST.

COST has saved Connecticut’s smaller communities millions of dollars by blocking proposed cuts in state aid to municipalities, eliminating costly mandates and more. Yet your membership costs only about 20 cents per resident. Joining COST is a smart investment for you and for your town.

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