2020 Legislative Priorities

The COST Board of Directors met on February 19, 2020 to discuss and adopt COST’s 2020 legislative priorities. Fundamental to its legislative action strategy for the 2020 session is the assumption that COST will have an informed and action-oriented grassroots membership of municipal leaders who will lobby their legislators and testify on these important municipal issues.

2020 Legislative Priorities:

➢Immediately adopt a bond package that provides level funding for Town Aid Road, the Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP), Grants for Municipal Projects, and other critical municipal grant programs;
➢ Provide towns with more predictable revenue streams and greater fiscal stability by (1) releasing municipal aid on time; (2) rejecting efforts to shift teachers’ pension costs to towns; (3) providing towns with the tools to control education spending; (4) continuing to prohibit midyear cuts in municipal funding; and (5) rejecting efforts to enact or expand property tax exemptions or caps;
➢ Address public safety concerns by assisting towns in removing dead and decaying trees along local roads and other public areas;
➢ Strengthen economic development opportunities in small towns by (1) enhancing Internet connectivity and reliability by expanding access to high-speed broadband networks in all
communities and facilitating the deployment of 5G technology; (2) supporting continued funding for the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP); (3) investing in
critical local infrastructure and historic preservation; and (4) promoting tourism throughout Connecticut;
➢ Assist towns in complying with environmental mandates, including stormwater management, recycling and solid waste management; and
➢ Provide towns with meaningful relief from unfunded mandates, including prevailing wage requirements, and refrain from adopting any new unfunded mandates.

Read the full COST 2020 Legislative Priorities Document here.