COVID-19 Municipal Best Practice Guidelines 

June 25 - Governor Lamont Announces Plans for Reopening Schools
June 11 - Outdoor Dining to Continue for Duration of Public Health Emergency
June 4 - Gov Lamont establishes CT Municipal Coronavirus Relief Fund Program
June 1 - 911 Call Center Subsidy Formula Changes
May 27 - Municipal Best Practices Guidelines
May 19 - Reopen Connecticut Enforcement Guidelines
May 19 - Reopening Businesses - Local Enforcement of Sector Rules
May 18 - EO Addresses Board Appointments & Elections
May 13 - Local Elections and Appointments Requiring In-Person Meetings or Elections
May 9 - Reopening CT - Phase 1 Guidance
May 7 - Critical and Time Sensitive Municipal Decisions: EO JJ
May 6 - Bulk Purchase of Fuel
April 29 - Unemployment Compensation Data by Town
April 24 - Webinar - Preparing Municipalities for COVID-19 Long Term Recovery
April 23 - Housing & Community Development CARES Act Funding, Additional Critical & Time Sensitive Municipal Fiscal Actions, Regional Boards of Education Budget Consultation
April 21 - Launching Local Long-Term Recovery Committees
April 15 - Lamont Issues Executive Order 7M: State agencies affecting environmental compliance, water and wastewater operations, and grant applications
April 14 - OLR Special Report : COVID-19 Executive Orders Affecting State and Local Government Operations and Elections
April 14 - SDE: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Executive Order 7R
April 13 - CDC Issues Recommendations for Parks and Recreational Areas, Property Tax Deferral/Low Interest Program
April 9 - COVID-19 Executive Orders affecting Municipalities
April 1 - Property Tax Deferral Executive Order and Municipal Aid to be Released on 4/8
March 31 - Payment of School Employees/Contractors
March 23 - Regional School District Budgets under EO7I
March 21 - Governor Issues EO Affecting Municipal Budget & Tax Issues
March 15 - Municipal Budget Deadlines - Governor's Executive Order
March 14 - Governor's Update on Coronavirus Efforts 
March 13 - Coronavirus - Governor's Executive Order

COVID-19 Reponse & Relief Services
Relief Services from COST Members

DECD Business Recovery
Sector Rules for May 20th Reopen

Connecticut State Disaster Recovery Framework
Disaster Recovery Framework
Long-Term Recovery Planning: April 2020
CT Rises: Planning for Long-Term Disaster Recovery
Long-Term Disaster Recovery Organizational Chart

Preparing Municipalities for COVID-19 Long Term Recovery
Webinar Recording

CT at the Moment: The Latest Information on the Coronavirus Response in CT     
Webinar Recording     
Webinar Presentation
Municipal COVID-19 Program Certification
Municipal Tax Relief Deferral Form M
Breakdown of Municipal-Related Executive Orders

Executive Orders and Municipal Meeting Technology
Webinar Recording
Webinar Presentation
Webinar Presentation: Technology Platforms

Guidance Document #1:
- Suspension of “In Person Open Meeting Requirements
- Extension of Municipal Budget Adoption Deadlines: General and Capital Fund Budgets
Guidance Document #2
- Suspension of In Person Open “Meeting” and “Adoption” Requirements
- Extension of Municipal Budget Adoption Deadlines
- Executive Order 7H (Section 2): Coordinated Response Effort
Guidance Document #3:
- Allowance of Suspension of In-Person Voting Requirements for Critical Time Sensitive Municipal Fiscal Deadlines
Guidance Document #4
- Suspension and Modification of Tax Deadlines and Collection Efforts