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Connecticut Council of Small Towns
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COST Policy Priorities

2018 Legislative Priorities

  • Reaffirm the state's constitutional obligation to fund education to ensure that all municipalities receive fair share education funding
  • Fully fund the Town Aid Road program, which is critical to maintaining the infrastructure needed to support local economies
  • Provide towns with greater fiscal stability and predicatability by eliminating the administration's authority to impose midyear cuts or holdbacks
  • Give towns the tools to control local budgets, including education budgets
  • Authorize municipalities to consolidate noneducational services and expenditures to achieve savings and improve efficiencies
  • Address collective bargaining issues that undermine opportunities to consolidate services and improve municipal efficiencies

The COST Board of Directors met on February 14, 2018 to discuss and adopt COST’s 2018 legislative priorities. Fundamental to its legislative action strategy for the 2018 session is the assumption that COST will have an informed and action-oriented grassroots membership of municipal leaders who will lobby their legislators and testify on these important municipal issues.